Sunday, 4 July 2010

Broadband wireless connection problem

In the passed months, I got a problem with broadband wireless connection, it seems to transmit really slow, and it gets worst as the days pass by, until such time that I could no longer connect to the internet using my laptop. I got no problem with wired connection, as my PC is working fast as usual. So, I replace the hub and still the same problem occurred. I emailed BT and I receive a phone call from a representative giving me some few possibilities of what causes the problem and these are the said possibilities. It can either be that the BT Home Hub is not transmitting the wireless signal correctly, the PC is not receiving the wireless signal correctly, or the wireless signal is being disrupted by 3rd party equipment in your home.

The customer representative from BT then give some steps on how to trouble shoot, and these are the steps:

First you have to ensure that your BT Home Hub is sitting on a non-metallic surface, not on the floor, and that there is no other electrical equipment within a 3 foot radius of it. In particular please ensure that there are no cordless phone base units within close range of the Hub as these also use wireless to communicate with the wireless handset phones and do cause a lot of problems with wireless router signals. Other electronic devices that can cause problems include:

Halogen desk lamps with dimmers
Any electrical dimmer switch
Stereo or PC speakers
Televisions, monitors, microwave ovens etc.
AC power cords running parallel to the telephone line
Electronic insect electrocution devices (bug zappers)
Any other emitter of high frequency electromagnetic radiation

Also try resetting the BT Home Hub back to its factory default settings.

If this fails to improve the wireless signal it is also possible that the wireless channel that the BT Home Hub is set to function on does not work well with your own computer. There are 11 different wireless channels that the BT Home Hub can be set to transmit on and you can try changing the wireless channel to a different one.

I have done the checking of electrical equipment's and the resetting and none of it works so I did the last advice, I change the wireless channel and in just 1 minute, I got the wireless connection back to it's normal speed.

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