Saturday, 3 July 2010

Commonly used crowd control

Crowd controls are found in public places which set as public guidance to control a crowd. By using this somewhat public guidance, this will then create a peaceful and orderly queue. However, there are different sorts of crowd control products that are used in public areas and the two most commonly used are the stanchions and the barricades. What makes this two crowd control different? Stanchions are ideal for pedestrians and are commonly seen in airports, hotels, banks and store outlets. Made of Velvet rope which can be seen in different colors, and its post is made of steel.

Barricades are ideal to block a certain passage or to create a more structural form of guidance. These are commonly seen in Parks, Parking, Restaurant, Construction Sites, Police Activities, and Sports complex. Also found in Airports, Stadiums, Malls, Casinos, and Theatres. This type of crowd control can be made of steel fences, plastic fences, rectangular rail or belt like barrier. Anyway, these two crowd controls are both essential for keeping the crowd in order and I think it is a must have in every establishment!

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