Monday, 2 August 2010

Letter of Intent: 28/07/2010 Email Scams

I have just received an email with a subject Letter of Intent: 28/07/2010. This is just one of the email scams that has been spreading on the Internet, a person named Mr. Anthony Mutari will write to you and offer you a percentage of an unclaimed money from their bank if you will give out your bank details and other personal information for the said money transfer. Now if you would give him your details, here is what happens next, the scammer will use your bank account details to gain access over your bank account and withdraw all your savings, your personal details will then be sold to somebody else in the Internet to be use for fraud or use it to smuggle somebody to work illegally in your country. So to prevent this from happening, never ever give any bank details or personal information to someone you do not know, specially on the Internet! You can actually gain more information about scams and prevention online as government agencies do post this as a way of informing the public about Internet fraud and crimes.

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