Saturday, 18 September 2010

2011 Promotional Calendars

Looking for 2011 calendars? Well, I came across this website where you can order variety of calendars with stunning photos from landmarks, animals, wildlife, vehicles and many more. You can choose whatever you like! Whether it would be wall calendars, magnets calendars, calendar cards, or even desk calendars they got it all! The calendar that I am most interested of is the desk calendars, as my husband and I are planning to have a couple of prints of this to be given away for family and friends over Christmas. Each desk calendar comes with an envelop, so it is very handy for mailing. I would say these are actually brilliant for businesses as you can add your name and contact info to the front and back of calendars as a sort of advertising your company. You can get it as quick as next day delivery or have it in standard delivery so you can get it a lot cheaper, But I think I might go for the standard posting as I want to get it a cheap as possible. Anyway, i suggest that you visit the website to check it out yourself and see the wide ranges of 2011 promotional calendars. Just to let you know, I am always on an eye for a bargain and I would say this is definitely a good buy as you can get 10 pieces of desk calendars for an amazing value of $29.99.

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