Monday, 27 September 2010

Changing color using a fabric dye

I recently Dye my daughters hat using a fabric dye for hand use and it turned out great! It was a lovely hat made of cotton and a polyester lining, the outer shell which is cotton has totally absorb all the color, but sad to say the polyester lining was not that great. Anyway, if you want to dye a piece of cloth using a fabric dye for hand use it is best to know that there are some fabric that are not suitable to dye and these are fabric that are pure polyester, acrylic, nylon, and fabric that has special finishes. A fabric hand dye for hand use is usually suitable for cotton, linen and viscose, wool and silk and here is the direction of how to use it.

• You will need a 250g of salt and a rubber gloves.

• Weigh dry fabric to check that you have sufficient dye. Wash thoroughly, even if new, to remove stains or dressings which may not be visible to the eye. Leave damp.

• Wearing rubber gloves, empty full contents of pack into 500ml of warm water.

• Fill bowl/stainless steel sink with approx. 6 litres of warm water (40 degrees c).

• Stir in 250g (5tbsp) of salt. Add dye and stir well.

• Submerge fabric in water

• Stir for 15mins. Then stir regularly for 45mins

• Rinse fabric in cold water. Wash in warm water and dry away from direct heat and sunlight.

• Wash separately for first few washes to remove any excess dye.

• Then hang it and leave it to dry.

Note that one pack will dye up to 250g of dry weight fabric (e.g. shirt) to full shade or larger amounts to a lighter shade.

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