Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fish with rotten tail

Today my two lovely fantail fish just died due to rotten tail or fin rot. What happen is that when my husband bought a bigger aquarium, he also bought 2 additional fantail, 1 silvery colour and 1 black moor fish. Days after they are all together in one aquarium the black moor fish have been chasing the 2 gold fantail fish and I notice there was a little nip on the right corner of the tail on one of the gold fish. Since they have been chased every day, the other gold fish is always at the bottom of the tank hiding on one of the live plant I bought. The second fish is on top and was always bullied by the moor fish. The 2nd week, I notice the fin is thinning out and there has been some sort of white flake on the body. I took the 2 new fish out and placed it in a smaller aquarium, but the two gold fantails are very week and today found them floating lifeless with white flakes all over their body. I am so sad.

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