Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Washing woolen clothes

I have just taken out my woolen winter coat and now ready for washing. Yes, I do wash my woolen clothes myself and glad to say that I have been doing well with it. Nothing has happen to the wool fabric or any damage so far when I washed it and here is how I do it:

• Put your wool coat or jacket inside a white pillow case and tie the tip of the pillow case. If you coat is too big to get into a pillow case you can use an old yet clean white bed sheet to wrap your coat, the best thing to do is make a sack out of it and put your coat inside then tie the end of the sack.

• Put it inside the washing machine.

• Put a little amount of washing machine detergent and a tiny amount of fabric conditioner.

• Wash it in the most gently setting on the washing machine and should be washed on cold water. Some new washing machine has this wool wash feature, so if you got this, you might as well use it using the same procedure above.

• Spin dry. Do not use the tumble dryer machine as this might cause shrinkage.

• Once done, take it out of the washing machine and open the sack or pillow case to get your coat out and leave it to dry indoors.

• You can iron it when it is almost dry by using an old white bed sheet. Put it over or on top the coat, and then run the iron on the sheet on top of the coat.

But be aware that woolen materials are very delicate as it could shrink when not properly washed or the worst you could ruined it, so I would advise that if your coat, jacket or sweater is very expensive, you could just have it professionally washed so you will not regret if anything happens to it!

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