Monday, 6 December 2010

Fantail rotten tail cure

A fish tail rot could kill a fish, in fact, 4 of my lovely fantail fish died of it. It all happen so quickly, first I notice that my 2 of my fantail fish were not so happy, they don’t swim much and one of them got a white spot on the tail and the next day, it looks like it has been nip by other fishes in the aquarium. On the 3rd day, it started to get so thin, and on the 4th day one died. The next day the 2nd fish died with same problem, white spots and rotten tail problem. The 2 remaining fish also died a couple of days later, so my husband got another gold fish and put it in the same aquarium without changing the water. He thought it would be allright because he just replaced the filter, but the day after he puts the gold fish in the aquarium, I noticed white spots all over the body and more on the tail. Anyway, we took out the gold fish and placed it in our old small aquarium; we also went to a pet shop and got this medicine for fish called disease clear. Basically it is a cure for all types of disease including tail rot and white or red spots. Anyway, it did work well! Took about 8 days to cure totally the disease and got plenty of it left. The gold fish is now healthy and has not got any problem after it has been cured. So if you got the same problem, don’t take long to get a medicine for it, clean and change the aquarium water and clean all the ornaments in it. If possible while your fish is sick, you can put it in a small container and put the medicine on it for a couple of days, while cleaning your aquarium thoroughly.

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