Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Reviews on Top Host Companies

I have been blogging about top host companies before and where you could find the best deal on the market but I never came across a website hosting reviews that are very detailed in everything. This is probably the best web hosting reviews I came across on the internet! It has all the information on all major web hosting providers including their reviews and ratings of the companies from their subscribers. Anyway, one of the top ten largest web hosting companies listed is this company called Host Gator, has some excellent reviews and rating from customers, got some pretty good plans to choose from, very affordable and got a 45 days money back guarantee! The thing I like about this company aside from the its low monthly price is that they provide service all over the world with more than 2,500,000 hosted domains and still maintain a superior round the clock support. Host Gator guaranteed a 99.9% uptime and based on the customers review it is 100% reliable which is perfect if you are using it for business. Although I am not saying that this is only for business, but if it is that good for business, then it is also good for personal use. Well, if you require more information about this web host or want to see the hostgator ratings and reviews, you can check it at the web hosting rating website. Well, check it out as you might want to take the chance of having a go on their money back guarantee offer.

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