Sunday, 13 February 2011

Oranda fish swimming upside down

I had 1 oranda fish that swims upside down after feeding. Got 2 of these lovely oranda fancy gold fish and the other one seems to be ok. I have noticed that before feeding they seem to be alright, but then after feeding them the flakes, the smaller oranda fish floats upside down. I have read many forums about fishes and some problems and the mostly if they say if the fish swims upside down they have a swim bladder disorder. The thing is my fish is ok when not fed, so I think it must be something about the food I am feeding them. I decided to change the food from flakes to a granular and I got it right this time! The little oranda fish is no longer floating upside down after feeding. I think, since it is only a little fish it might have a digestion problem or might be allergic to the flake food that makes the little fish gassy after eating. I tend to change the food now and again, also give them some supplements like freeze-dried daphnia and blood worms. They look healthy and have not had any problems with them ever since I stop feeding them with flakes.

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amiable amy said...

happy valentines day hehehe...lingaw pud kung gatuwad sya kung mabusog...picture beh post sa fb tan aw ko...i-youtube kaha naa kay unique