Sunday, 13 March 2011

Japans’ Calamity

First saw this on the news on the 11th of March 2011 and it’s just like watching a Hollywood disaster film. The said tsunami that followed the 8.9 magnitude earthquake hits Japan north-east coast and was reported to be the biggest to hit the country since record began 140 years ago. Now after this huge calamity there have been reports of another problem in Japan, concerns of the nuclear reaction from Fukushima power station which has exploded last Saturday, although people have been evacuated on the area, we still don’t know how this nuclear thing is going to affect people’s lives and for how long it will last. I just hope that this calamity would not get worst than it is, as the said earthquake and tsunami has already killed an estimated 1,800 people and many more missing. My heart and mind is with all those who are affected with this terrible calamity and I pray for those missing people to be found safe and well.

Attached here is a video from CNN :

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