Sunday, 13 March 2011

Seal and protect your roof with Somay

If you want to fix, preserve and protect your roof, then the best way to do it is to seal it using Somay waterproofing system. They got the best waterproofing products that will help you protect and repair a badly damage roof.

How? First you have to apply a roof mastic seal; this is a flexible plastic adhesive that is used to fill holes, repair cracks and bind splits. This will then give your roof a smooth surface free from leaks inside the house. The second one is to apply a waterproof coating; this is like an acrylic paint that would give an even and smooth look on your roof. A waterproof coating is also resistant to high and low temperature, so basically this would help in preserving and keeping your roof intact during extreme weather conditions.

Then lastly apply the roof paint, this will then give your roof a brand new and lasting look. All these can be purchased at a renowned coating and waterproofing specialist called Somay products Inc. The Americas hurricane proof roof!

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