Friday, 1 April 2011

Changing BT broadband channel

Just yesterday I had a problem with BT broadband wireless connection as I can’t get online using my laptop. The thing is that my pc which is wired to the hub is working perfectly but the wireless connection does not work at all. So I phoned the BT customer service and inquired about this problem and they have given me some instructions of how to change the wireless channel. It only took less than 2 minutes to change the channel and I got the wireless internet signal back. Anyway, here is how to change the wireless channel of the BT Home Hub 2.0:

• Step 1
Open your Hub Manager
If you've logged into your Hub Manager before, please go straight to step 2.
If this is the first time you've logged into your Hub Manager you'll see the following screen. You'll be asked to enter your serial number. Enter your Hub's Admin password, which is written on the sticker on the back of your Hub. You'll then be asked to create and enter your own new password.

• Step 2
You'll now be asked to enter your Hub Admin password. Then click OK.

• Step 3
The following screen will appear. Under the Wireless Channel section, select a new channel number from the Channel selection drop down menu under Wireless Channel. Try channels 1 and 11 first.

• Step 4
Click Apply and wait 60 seconds for your computers to automatically discover the new settings. That's it, you've now changed your Hub's wireless channel.

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