Monday, 18 April 2011


I got this a month ago on ebay for £7.94 brand new with postage. It is a portable laptop cushion tray/table with led light, pen slot and a cup holder which I think is a good product considering that the price is very cheap for what you can use it for. This is actually a portable laptop table, but it can be your multi-purpose desk around the house and could also bring this on the move. Multi-purpose, as not only that I use it for my laptop for blogging but I also use it when I am reading a book and as well as putting food on it and making it a food tray. Now the only downside of this is that the cushion part which is made of beaded poly styro is not thick enough to give you the comfort of typing on your lap, so what you could do is put another pillow underneath and that would give you the exact height for typing on the lap. Anyway, it does give my laptop a good air flow and the cup holder is very handy to put in the laptop mouse when not in use. So in my opinion, it is a good buy!

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jingnufable said...

this is something I really need :)hope I'll find something like it in here ... enjoyed reading your blogs Ta ... very informative ... you and Amy are really good at this ... keep it up! :) thanks for the follow ^_^