Friday, 26 August 2011

To clear the catch on Google chrome

It has been months now since I have installed this Google chrome on my laptop and I always get a problem with the catch now and again. Somehow it will not open any link properly and would usually see a black page, but that would be ok once I cleared the catch out. So here is how to do it:

• Step 1- open Google chrome and click the Tools menu, you will find it on the upper-right corner of your computer screen.

• Step 2- Select Options, it will then open another window where you will see options and basics. Under options, you will see 3 selections, choose or click on the last one Under the Bonnet.

• Step 3- in this under the bonnet, you will see 2 options the content settings and clear browsing data, click on the clear browsing data.

• Step 4- once you have clicked the clear browsing data, you will then see a small window with the following choices:
Obliterate the following items from: (Choices) ex: the beginning of time

• Step 5- tick all the boxes
Clear browsing history
Clear download history
Empty the cache
Delete cookies and other site data
Clear saved passwords
Clear saved Auto-fill form data

• Step 6- Once done ticking all the boxes, click on clear browsing data and it's done!

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