Saturday, 7 May 2011

Getting a refund, replacement, or repair on broken items

If you have bought an item online and got broken in less than 12 months, by law you got the right to return it for a refund or replacement. As far as the sale of goods and services act is concerned under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, customers got the right to return the item for a refund or replacement if the purchased item is in poor quality.

Most shops do accept returns for a full refund including the postage if the customer does not like the item for whatever reason, as long as the item is unused. But what if the seller refuses to give a refund, replacement or repair of the product? Well, this website will help you understand more on your entitlements as far as replacement, refund or repair under the Sales of Goods Act.

Just think how much you have paid for a certain item and that you are entitled for a claim, so it is very important to know the Sales of Goods Act. For more information, you may visit the website at and know more about consumers and sellers rights under the sale of goods and services act 1982.

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