Monday, 16 May 2011

Taking a VINYL sticker off

Most people usually use a heat gun to take a vinyl sticker off any surface. However, I do not have a heat gun and last weekend I really want to strip the vinyl sticker of my car. I have read and found out on an article online that a vinyl sticker would easily stretch if it is heated and eventually come off if you peel it, even with just the heat of sunlight. But unfortunately there was not a lot of sunshine recently so I thought of buying a heat gun. I had a look online for heat guns and they cost around £12, which is a 1500 watt. Then I remember that I have a hair dryer as powerful as this, and it does goes really hot when set on high, so I tried it and it works well! Oh, you can only strip off the heated portion of the vinyl sticker, so if your sticker is big, it would take a little time to take it off properly.

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