Sunday, 12 June 2011

Brackets for over bed units

I just thought of making a blog post about this since I could not find anything online about brackets for overbed units when typing into Google’s search engine. Well, recently my husband and I bought a Helsinki over-bed unit from an online catalogue shop and it has no wall fixing brackets. So my husband ordered a couple of it from ebay, it cost only cost .99 pence for 4 pieces and a postage of £1.49 which does not cost a lot, and it just makes me wonder why the supplier of this over-bed unit does not supply this when it is just this cheap! Anyway, if you are looking for wall fixing brackets for this type of over bed, you only need 3 brackets about 1.6mm think and about 63mm like this on the photo:

Oh, if you want to make your over-bed unit extra secure, aside from the brackets you can also drill from the inside of the wardrobe side to the headboard unit and bolt them together. This way you do not have to worry about the over bed unit falling into your head if there is an earthquake.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, i need these brackets too, will check ebay.