Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cucumbers from Spain may not be the source of E.Coli

I have just watch news on TV and the German authorities say they are still unsure of whether the cucumbers from Spain are the one causing the e.coli outbreak. I think it was the 28th of May when the news spread that there has been some reports of illness and death in Germany and some European countries and that it was believe that it came from organic cucumber from Spain. Now, 5 days later they are unsure! I do love cucumbers but due to the recent happening, I have not bought any for several days now, even though it says that these contaminated cucumbers were not sold in the shops here in the United Kingdom. Anyway, I do hope they will figure this out soon, as where this E.coli virus really is coming from and sorted it out soon too, as I miss eating cucumber so much!
If you want to read more about this, you may find more information about this topic on sky news or BBC news website, these are both my personal recommended news program.

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