Thursday, 16 June 2011

Family Day out at Alton Towers

Yesterday my family and I had a fun day out at Alton Towers, one of UK’s best Theme Parks located at Alton, Staffordshire United Kingdom. We arrived around 11:00 am at Alton tower’s parking letter C which is about 10 minutes walk to the park, walking with a toddler. Had to pay £6 for the parking at the main entrance of the park, but it was all worth it, considering we had a really fun day at the Alton tower! The park ticket cost £40.80 each at the gate but I had a 2 for 1 voucher from coke and my little girl is under 4, so for the 3 of us, my husband, me and my little girl, we only had to pay 46.80 and that includes the parking token. Here are some fun photos I took at the Alton Tower theme park:

I actually would consider Alton tower a perfect family day out even if you have little children with you, as they also got an old mac Donald farm with a singing barn, tractor, animals, and boat rides which my little girl really enjoys and they also got live animals too like donkeys, ducks, rabbits, and some very cute guinea pigs! All the rides are free when you get in the park, love the sea life and had a great walk at their amazing garden. Would definitely come back to this place again!

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Tess said...

I am sure Chloe had so much fun! is that a tiger shark? wow! my boys would love to visit this place.