Sunday, 5 June 2011

German Beansprouts could be the source of e.coli

This is the latest news as of June 5, 2011, that the German beansprouts could be the source of e.coli virus and not the cucumbers from Spain as what was previously blamed of the spread of said e.coli outbreak. Now, 22 people had died and 2000 people ill across Europe and there has been a huge business loss from Spanish farmers. A lot has happened in a week and who’s to be blame for this? Is it the German’s, the media or people talking about it through twitter and blogging?

Someone actually read my old post today and left a comment about the killer cucumber from Spain and said that the Germans are to be blamed for this and that I also owe Spain an apology for that. Well, I got that from the news and as far as I know, that time when the news spread there were thousands of tweets from twitter and there were many blog post published on the internet about the said incident during that day. I bet, that time he or she also think that the cucumbers were to blame, as nobody really knows the real source of the e.coli virus. An e.coli virus is not a joke as many people died from this, and I believe that making everyone aware of what is going on, could help prevent the spread of the said virus and could also save lives.

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