Sunday, 12 June 2011

South Florida’s number 1 impact windows and doors supplier

If you are looking for impact windows and doors supplier around south Florida, then you should check out the Florida’s number 1 home window installation and window replacement specialists called Storm Tight Windows. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed when it comes to the product quality and workmanship, and since they manufacture their own windows and doors replacement you also get the benefit of purchasing it at a factory price. That means big savings on installation! After that, you will be expecting to see a huge difference when it comes to FPL bills, as most of their customers have said that they actually saved 40% on their energy bills. So there goes another savings for you!

The windows and doors made by Storm Tight are created to the highest quality materials, that way it would make your home warmer, quieter and more secure. Secure to the fact that this windows are built to stand against hurricanes! Anyway, the things that I have mentioned above are just a few of the great things you will enjoy if you have a Storm Tight windows and door installed on your home. If you wish to find more information about this Storm Tight Windows, feel free to visit the website at and find out how you can avail a miami impact windows or a sarasota impact windows free in-home estimate.

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