Thursday, 9 June 2011

Start your retirement portfolio with MarketRiders

If you are planning to start your retirement portfolio now, then I would definitely suggest that you check out this online investment portfolio manager called MarketRiders. This is actually an Online Portfolio Manager wherein step by step you are guided on making your retirement portfolio from choosing the right portfolio that suits you to buying shares, which I think is brilliant if your are just staring on this kind of matter.

I have actually tried this and find this Portfolio rebalancing software so easy to use even if I do not have much knowledge towards retirement portfolios, and guess what? I have managed to build my very own retirement portfolio in less than 2 minutes! All I did is answer the interactive questions like my age, how soon I will need the money, how much investment experience I have, how much risk I will be able to handle, and how much I would like to invest? Then it gave me a computer generated recommended portfolio based on my answers.

By using this, I found out that it has also saved me a lot of money because I would not have to go through a middleman, like those financial advisers and since it is using EFT or Exchange Traded Funds it is expected that the taxes and fees are lower compared to an average mutual fund charges. So typically, it is a Do It Yourself portfolio management! Anyway, if you wish to try it yourself, you can visit the website at and sign up on the 30 day free trial just to get you started like what I did, and it might work for you as well!

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Bill T said...

I did the same thing you did and got a nice balanced portfolio. However after I saved it I could no longer find it on the website, nor could I access any of the features on the site except for portfolio building. I attempted to call the company with my questions and got no response, I wrote them emails (4 of them today) got not response, I tried to use their live chat service--no one was alive there. Totally frustrated with trying to communicate in any way with Marketrider. When you call you get recorded messages with no way to reach a human being. The method thanks you for trusting the company---they have no idea how effective they are at killing trust.