Thursday, 28 July 2011

Chocolate fondue set

I bought this recently a mastard chocolate fondue set as my family and I love chocolate so much and I thought this would be perfect for just the 3 of us, and I was right! This little fondue bowl could keep a melted chocolate warm and runny while the candle still lights up and there is plenty for 3 people.

I would say this could serve up to 4-5 people, although it only have 4 forks that came with it, you can always use wooden/bamboo skewers sticks. This would be a nice table centerpiece if you got guest around 4-5 people and great when serve with pretzels, fresh fruits, marshmallows, sweets, cakes, dried fruit, and brioche. As of chocolate left overs, (if you got some) you could do a chocolate rice crispy cake with it using a rice crispy cereal.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Stunning Apartments and Home for Rent in Calgary Alberta Canada

If you are looking for an affordable apartment or house for rent in the beautiful city of Calgary, then I would highly recommend that you check out this website. They have loads of stunning houses and apartments for rent and some are furnished too! Now the reason I am recommending this website is that, a friend of mine has actually just move in to her newly rented family home in the North West and she was very pleased with it. I have not been there yet, but she did tell me that it was fully furnished and immaculately clean!

She got the house of the said online rental website, she said it is very easy and everything is very accurate, like the pricing and description of each property, as she did had a look at a couple of property before she saw the one she is living in now. Well, I did have a look and yes, she is right, it is very easy as you can just click on the map or the names of the cities and it will give you a list of properties for rent on the area as well as photos, description and contact information. It would surely make finding a property a lot easier for everyone!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Free Da Vinci Code DVD at Coke Zone

I got this The Da Vinci Code DVD of Coke zone rewards in exchange for 75 points I saved from coke zone. I think there were only 150 Da Vinci Code dvd and 150 James bond Casino Royale dvd giveaways and after a day when I log in to get this reward, all the 150 Da Vinci code reward dvd’s are gone! Anyway, I’m glad I got 1 and it didn’t take long to arrived, I got it in exactly 4 days.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Basic and important checklist for a summer holiday abroad

I have been seeing a lot of checklist online for holidays abroad but seriously there is only a few that I would consider as important and the rest is just additional miscellaneous. I have been abroad a couple of times with my family, even way back since I was in college and these are the important things I think everyone should think and prepare before going on a holiday.

• Passports and Visas
• Credit cards
• ID’s
• Medications
• Airline tickets
• hotel documentation
• Cameras & mobile phones
• Foreign currency or travelers cheques
• Health insurance contact number
• Luggage’s - that includes clothes, swimwear, sunglasses, travel adaptors, jackets, sunscreen, toiletries, beach towels and many more.
• Travel itinerary
When traveling with children you might also want to bring along:
• A travel sickness medicine
• Blanket and, his or her favorite toy
• Sun screen lotion for kids
• insect repellents lotion or cream, or spray
• Children’s comics
When traveling with a baby:
• Nappies
• Soothers
• Milk
• Bottles of milk
• Hot Water in a flask - by the way, you can bring this on a plane when you got your little one with you, but on the airport, it will be inspected and you are bound to drink a little of the water and milk you already prepared for you baby.
• Nappy cream
• Baby food

For students:
• ID’s
• Medications
• Airline tickets
• Passport and Visas
• Credit cards
• Cameras and mobile phones
• Foreign currency or travelers cheques
• Contact numbers of parents and relatives- for emergency purposes.
• Luggage’s - that includes clothes, swimwear, sunglasses, travel adaptors, jackets, sunscreen, toiletries, beach towels and many more.
• Hotel documentation or lists of Hotels and Inns for backpackers
• Travel itinerary

Also, if you love to travel and want it a more permanent part of your life, then I suggest that you consider getting an online education. Many students move to a foreign country for a richer educational experience, and with today's technology, it has never been easier. So check out your accredited online college now!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Life after implanon or implant contraception

I had my implanon or implant contraception for 3 long years on left arm and during those years it was a misery! I suffered from the so called implanon side effects which are mood swings that lead to a mild depression, bleeding for 2 months which by the way happened to me twice in 3 years, dizziness, headaches, spots all over my arms and legs, and most of all my weight gain problem. Anyway, it has been 5 months now since I had my implanon taken out and so far I feel happier and a lot lighter inside! Had a painful heavy bleeding after it was taken out but after that it was ok. I am now on pill contraception but I don’t feel dizzy and don’t have headaches like the implanon days. The spot on my arms and legs has been lessened but unfortunately still has the same weight! I do admit that I did not do anything about it, as my diet has not change and I do not have enough exercise to lose my unwanted fats. So its part my fault! I need to be on a balance diet and be more active, so I aim to get on a gym class by the autumn, I hope this would work out!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kayaking in Keswick

Keswick is one of my favourite places for camping, hiking, and kayaking. It is said to be the North Lakes' most popular holiday and day trip destination because of the amazing view that nestles between the Skiddaw Mountains and Derwentwater Lake. For the last 4 years, my family and I were always at Keswick during late spring or summer and these are the latest photos I took from the Derwentwaters of Keswick Lake District when we went Kayaking on June 2011.

The caravan and camping park My family and I stayed is just beside the lake, as shown on the photo.

About Derwentwaters:
Derwentwater, at 3 miles long, 1 mile wide and 72 feet deep, is fed by the River Derwent catchment area in the high fells at the head of Borrowdale, and has a long historical and literary background. There are four islands, all owned by the National Trust, as is much of the shoreline. The Lake is very much a landscape of moods, varying from the dramatic waves splashing against Friar's Crag when driven by southerly gales, to the absolute mirror calm of early mornings.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Happy Birthday Amy

July 8, 2011

To my dear sister Amy,

I know your Birthday is just as fabulous as you are and I am happy that you are blessed with a good life, good husband, and good friends around you. Happy Birthday and I thank you for being such a lovely sister.

Hugs and kisses,

Your younger but bigger sister :)

Best identity theft protection deal

Identity theft is probably the most common thing criminals are up to nowadays, in fact millions of people from all over the world have been a victim of this so called identity theft which usually results to a person’s bad credit record. The thing is you will never know until it is too late, so the moment you will find out that someone has been using your identity is when you received a billing statement or notice of payment.

My sister has been a victim of this fraud on the previous year and she was one of the 8.1 million American victims of this identity fraud of 2010 and even with the ongoing government warnings and precautions, everyone is still unsafe of their personal records. Let’s face it; you can never be on guard with all your personal records and data 24 hours a day 7 days a week by yourself!
That is why everyone should consider getting an identity theft protection as this is so far the best way of safeguarding your personal information. Now there is a lot of companies out there that offers identity theft protection but so far this IdentityHawk is the best identity theft protection I saw online as it offers a 360° protection that comprise of the following:

• Automatic advisories- You will be notified immediately if there are threats to your identity via Email, Mobile phone, or Dashboard Review & Resolution of Alerts.
• Financial Protection- You will get 3 Credit Scores, 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring, and Financial Breach Tracking.
• Risk Detection- which includes identity Health Score, 24/7 Identity Security Scanning, a Social Security Number Monitoring.
• Identity Restoration- if you became a victim of identity theft or identity fraud you will be given an access to ID Recovery with the help of their expert and a ID Theft Recovery Toolkit to help you restore your identity. They also offer a $1 Million ID Theft Insurance* to their customers which will cover all the fees on your identity restoration including legal fees and your lost wages.

This is such a brilliant identity protection and to sum it all up, you can start it right away with a 30 day free trial. Good luck!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Cornwall's St. Michael's Mount

I love this place and this is one of the best tourist spots I would highly recommend in England. Anyway, just a couple of things I would like to share with you as of what I know about St. Michael's mount. This lovely place is located in Marazion Cornwall, about 9 miles from the Lizard peninsula. It is a tiny Island with a castle that was dated back to the 12th century, and was owned by St Aubyn family since the 17th century. In the 1954 Francis St Aubyn, the 3rd Lord St Levan, gave St. Michael's mount and a large endowment fund to the national trust, retaining a 999-year lease for the family to live in the castle. While the national trust now handles and ensures the preservation and conservation of the mount, St Aubyn family still continue to live and manage the island as they have done since the 17th century.

Attached here are some photos I have taken during my visit on the Island:

This is how it looks like when it is low tide and you can walk going to the mount and back to landing point at Marazoin.

These motorboats carry’s passenger during high tide, from the landing point in Marazion to the mount.

This is the small village of the mount.

On this photo is map painted on the wall of the house.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Sunset in Hayle Cornwall

This sunset photo was taken at Hayle Cornwall at the beachside holiday park near St. Ives. Hayle is not far from St. Ives in fact this particular area where the photo was taken; you can see the beautiful St. Ives beach.

I just love Hayle Cornwall because I think this is a great holiday destination for all ages! The beach has three miles of golden sand from Hayle Rives to Godrevy lighthouse and believe me, it is one of the most sunning places I have visited here in the UK.