Friday, 8 July 2011

Best identity theft protection deal

Identity theft is probably the most common thing criminals are up to nowadays, in fact millions of people from all over the world have been a victim of this so called identity theft which usually results to a person’s bad credit record. The thing is you will never know until it is too late, so the moment you will find out that someone has been using your identity is when you received a billing statement or notice of payment.

My sister has been a victim of this fraud on the previous year and she was one of the 8.1 million American victims of this identity fraud of 2010 and even with the ongoing government warnings and precautions, everyone is still unsafe of their personal records. Let’s face it; you can never be on guard with all your personal records and data 24 hours a day 7 days a week by yourself!
That is why everyone should consider getting an identity theft protection as this is so far the best way of safeguarding your personal information. Now there is a lot of companies out there that offers identity theft protection but so far this IdentityHawk is the best identity theft protection I saw online as it offers a 360° protection that comprise of the following:

• Automatic advisories- You will be notified immediately if there are threats to your identity via Email, Mobile phone, or Dashboard Review & Resolution of Alerts.
• Financial Protection- You will get 3 Credit Scores, 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring, and Financial Breach Tracking.
• Risk Detection- which includes identity Health Score, 24/7 Identity Security Scanning, a Social Security Number Monitoring.
• Identity Restoration- if you became a victim of identity theft or identity fraud you will be given an access to ID Recovery with the help of their expert and a ID Theft Recovery Toolkit to help you restore your identity. They also offer a $1 Million ID Theft Insurance* to their customers which will cover all the fees on your identity restoration including legal fees and your lost wages.

This is such a brilliant identity protection and to sum it all up, you can start it right away with a 30 day free trial. Good luck!

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