Saturday, 16 July 2011

Life after implanon or implant contraception

I had my implanon or implant contraception for 3 long years on left arm and during those years it was a misery! I suffered from the so called implanon side effects which are mood swings that lead to a mild depression, bleeding for 2 months which by the way happened to me twice in 3 years, dizziness, headaches, spots all over my arms and legs, and most of all my weight gain problem. Anyway, it has been 5 months now since I had my implanon taken out and so far I feel happier and a lot lighter inside! Had a painful heavy bleeding after it was taken out but after that it was ok. I am now on pill contraception but I don’t feel dizzy and don’t have headaches like the implanon days. The spot on my arms and legs has been lessened but unfortunately still has the same weight! I do admit that I did not do anything about it, as my diet has not change and I do not have enough exercise to lose my unwanted fats. So its part my fault! I need to be on a balance diet and be more active, so I aim to get on a gym class by the autumn, I hope this would work out!


Tess said...

You look beautiful, young and very healthy!

marifen said...

Thank you friend :)