Friday, 12 August 2011

New Deal Fun Auction Site

I just joined in this new auction website called and was very intrigue on this. I do not know if you have already heard about this or have already joined in too but based on what I saw, it looks like a good place to get a bargain! This is similar to ebay, but on this one you have to purchase the bids first before you can start bidding on a particular item on their auction page. I had manage to get 45 bids worth $27 in which I would like to try first on smaller items before purchasing a larger number of bids and bidding on more expensive things. Well, I am still trying to figure out how to do this, so might as well try it in a small amount first. Now, unlike the other auction website, this one only offers brand new items. I have seen some really good ones like iPad’s, iPhone’s, Kindles, Laptops, LED TV’s, to PS3 that are sold for a very low price. In fact, a moment ago I have seen a 16BG iPhone 4 unlocked sold on their auction for just $129.14. Now that is just brilliant!

The good thing about this is that this has no weekly or monthly cap, you got the option to bid or buy the product you want, and they have a win guarantee that if you do not win in the first 24 hours, all the bids are then rest. I have been researching about this and what people are saying on this Deal Fun and found some good comments like you could get a really cheap laptop, TV’s and so on, and some also added that you could easily get in touch with their customer service which is said that the average response time is only 15 minutes. I have also seen an article about it at consumer news today and you can have a read on it too about how Puts a Exciting Twist on Online Shopping.


Anonymous said...

I have used Deal Fun and ended up highly disappointed. After paying for bid coupons and bidding strategically, I ended up paying $80+ for cheap chinese items that could be purchased elsewhere for $20 (including postage) after receiving the items 2 months later, both bluetooth items where broken and the laser pointer was seized by customs because the laser was over 1mw (power was not noted in the item description). Thank you Deal Fun for putting my name on customs watch list! From the letters I received from customs, I feel like a criminal. Don’t believe any positive feedback about Deal Fun as they all are a copy and paste posted by employees of Deal fun. Do not waste your money and hours of time with Deal Fun!

Anonymous said...

I feel exactly the same way! What a HUGE SCAM! They are raking in millions of $$ in two ways....first by securing the money you spend on bid pkgs. and secondly, by the end price of an item you win that ultimately (depending on the item) might have cost you less if you had just gone out and shopped for a great sale...perhaps even on Ebay. If you spent $100 on a bid pkg and bid and won a Kindle Fire, for example, which retails for $199 normally, at say, a bid price of $60, you're saving $39. Big deal. Not a real savings when you consider all the time wasted trying to win it. Even if you get a steal of a deal, DealFun is raping the consumer. The money they make on any given item and ALL THE BIDDERS dropping their bids at .60 a clip is immoral. If anyone were smart they'd DO THE MATH! DealFun is the one running to the bank on this one! Even if you try several auctions until all your bids are used up you might win a deal, but most of the auction items are junk. Everyone's going to try for the big ticket items but then the competition is fierce. It's just not worth my time or the investment.