Sunday, 21 August 2011

Paracetamol limit

My family and I have recently recovered from a flu, which only lasted 3 days treating ourselves at home with rest and some paracetamols. Well, here is the thing when I bought the paracetamols. I actually needed more than 3 boxes of paracetamol since there were 3 of us on the family who has got the flu, but when I checked out at the till (cashier), I was told that I could only buy 2 boxes, which is a total of 32 pieces tablets. And I ask why?, the cashier replied by law they are only allowed to sell up to 32 pcs tablets of paracetamol to each person, but when I told her I needed 3 since there were 3 of us in the family who got a flu, she said I could get more if I would pay it separately, so I did! Anyway, I am just glad I did not went on another till and another queue that time as I was not really well and was starting to think that this restriction is just a hassle. Well, they said this was implemented to cut down suicides due to paracetamol overdose; did it actually cut down the overdose cases since this was implemented? Just curious, and hope it did.

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