Friday, 26 August 2011

Plumbing Repair Expert

If you got a problem with plumbing in your household, and want to fix it yourself in order to save money, well think again! I recently had a bad experience with do it yourself plumbing, you see, my kitchen drainage clogged up and my husband tried fixing it by himself thinking he could do it and could save us up a bit of money, but due to not having any experience with plumbing and how the drainage system works, he just made the problem worst! The water leaks and got a soaking wet kitchen floor with a bit of a smell, and to top it up, still cannot make use of the sink. After 6 hours fiddling with the pipes, my husband got fed up and told me I can now call an expert to fix it, wow it was music to my ears! I phoned up a plumbing service and the next day a plumber came over to fix it. Took him an hour to get the job done and he tidied up and left without any marks or spills of water on the kitchen floor. I would say it is a job well done and was surprised to see that the bill is not expensive at all! That is what we should have done in the first place, to call an expert to do the job. It could have save us all the hassles with water leaks and not being able to use the kitchen sink for a whole day. Now, if you got a plumbing problem, my advice is go get a plumbing expert to fix it!

This is a sponsored post wrote by me for the campaign called RotoRooter on behalf of Bucks2Blog. However, all views and opinions are my own.

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