Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Puffer Fish AKA Buriring

My brother took this photo when he saw a local fisherman selling it in the Philippines. You see, in some parts of Asia they cook this fish and eat it, but that would be after taking out the poison on this fish.

I have not tried it and would probably not to anyway because they said this fish contains tetrodotoxin which can cause paralysis or even death to a person eating it. I also found out on Wikipedia that this maple or puffer fish is said to be the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world, after the Golden poison frog.

I knew some people who have eaten this kind of fish and they said it really taste good, but the question is, would you take the risk in eating this kind of fish?


Tess said...

I would not risk myself eating this fish. This looks fascinating though, I can tell by the look of his eyes that he did not want to be in anyone's tummy. I tried to serve fried fish to my kids one day. They just stared at the fish and finally said " Mommy, I don't like the fish looking at me that way, I don't think I want to eat him" they end up having nutela and peanut butter sandwich for lunch and I to my delight enjoyed the fried fish. Hmm Yummy!

me said...

this is not buriring, this is to big for a buriring

Anonymous said...

I think this is called butete, and like the buriring, I think they came from the family of puffer fishes. Both poisonous.