Monday, 22 August 2011

Review: Rosetta Business Translation Services London

There are many translation agencies in London, but so far I have only known one that really rings a bell and that is Rosetta Translation Agency. This company has been renowned for giving high-quality document translations and has been chosen by most major companies here in the UK such as BBC, Ofsted, Barclays, Dell, Epson, BP, LLOYDS and many more.

Now, I have not been a customer of this company yet, but I have a friend who works for a law firm and that friend of mine said they always use Rosetta agency when it comes to the legal translation of their documents because the services offered by this agency was always spot on! She added that Rosetta translation service is always fair when it comes to pricing, all documents were done promptly and quickly, and most of all, they never got any problems with the translated documents. They have been using this translation agency for some time now and the conclusion is that, yes! She does recommend this agency to anyone looking for a fast and good value for money translation service.

Legal translation is only one of Rosetta translation expertise, so you do not have to worry is you are looking for financial, technical or medical translation as they offer those too! They do many of languages from all over the world and the cleaver thing about Rosetta translation service is that they not only translate from foreign language to English and English to a foreign language but they can also do it on other foreign language to another foreign language, like Chinese to Spanish or Dutch to Hindi, all you need to do is ask them by sending them an email or calling their provided number on their website or simply fill up the free no obligation quote. Wish you all the best!

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