Friday, 30 September 2011

September 30 warm day

It's very warm today, the temperature outside is about 26c and 29c in some parts of the UK. This is because of the heatwave that hits Britain this week and compared with the seasonal average weather here which is 17c for autumn this week has been exceptionally warm!

According to theguardian news, Britain has sizzled again as the record-breaking mini heatwave baked the country.

Temperatures well above average for this time of year were recorded up and down the UK, with Finningley in South Yorkshire topping the chart.

With the mercury peaking at 29.0C (84F), the hotspot smashed the previous warmest September 29, which was recorded in York in 1895 when the thermometer reached 27.8C (82F).

London enjoyed a sweltering 28.1C (83F) at Kew Gardens in the west of the capital, while the seaside village of Weybourne in Norfolk basked in 27.1C (81F) heat.

However this would not last long, as foretasted that on Sunday the fine weather will become increasingly confined to southeast England as cloud and outbreaks of rain spread slowly from the northwest. It will also become less warm and windier. So enjoy the weather while it's good!

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