Monday, 12 September 2011

Women's Scrubs Sets

I have just spoken to a friend who is now undergoing her training at the hospital where my husband used to work, and that friend of mine inquired if I got an idea where she could get an affordable scrub uniform. Well, I told her about, you see my husband got a pair of scrubs from this website which actually lasted longer than the scrubs uniform he bought from the hospital. He does like and prefer to use that one compared to the scrubs he bought from the hospital because it is more comfortable and looks a lot better than the other one, even if they do have same color. Anyway, they do make scrubs for women and the prices are affordable too! So I gave her the website where she could have a look at the styles and selection of colors and will wait and see if she gets one as well! I Love the website and the style of their scrubs on sale, so if you are looking for scrubs, you can check out the website too!

I got here a sample photo of their scrubs, I took this from the website just to show you that they do men's, women's, and kids scrubs too.

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