Thursday, 10 November 2011

Proper Shaving: Tips on how to apply a shaving cream

I have been shaving my husband’s beards for about 5 years now and have tried many different styles from Goatees, clean shave to styling his beards and it always seems to have a good result and free from razor bumps! Now on this blog post I would like to teach you how to clean shave a long beard.


• First is to trim your beards using a clipper. Best if you can trim it for about 1mm.

• Then apply a generous amount of shaving cream to where the facial hair is using a brush or with your finger tips.


• Using a sharp razor, start a downward stroke on your face to about your Adams apple, stop to where your hair growth changes direction and do not shave against the grain.

• Keep the water running and rinse the razor often.

• Once you have done shaving downwards, shave upwards from your Adam’s apple.

• For those hairs under your Adam’s apple, go as far down as you want to shave and shave straight up to your Adam’s apple and stop.

• Finalize it by shaving sideward’s from ear to your nose or nose to ear depending on your hair growth.

• Rinse and pat dry.

• Then put an aftershave.

So there you go, a smooth clean shave!

Disclaimer: I am participating in a blogger campaign called The Art of Shaving from Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

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