Friday, 11 November 2011

Woman's Military Plus Size Jacket

I am blogging about this as I feel I am obliged as I really think I got a superb quality and great looking jacket! The jacket that I am talking about is this Military Jacket by Taillissime at from their plus size coats and jackets collection. This jacket is made out of tough cotton material and fully lined too which will keep anybody wearing this warm on cooler days and cool on hot days. Remember, this jacket is made out of cotton, so if you plan of wearing this over on snowy days, then you better wear some layer of clothing inside before this, but above all, this really looks great!

What I love most about this jacket is that I could just wear this anywhere! I was actually amazed that the military style just easily mix and match with any of my outfit. Mind you, I am always on casual clothing, like trousers and jeans, but on one occasion I wore it over a blouse, skirt and black tights and I got loads of compliments from wearing it! It actually looks formal when I unbuttoned the collars, so I think I should wear it again over a skirt. Now the thing about buying this from is that it is far cheaper than any other online seller! As a frequent online shopper I have been very familiar with prices and for this kind of jacket you are looking at paying about $ 110- $150 plus postage, but on this particular website I only paid $89.99 plus postage, so I would recommend this online shop as well!

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