Friday, 30 December 2011

Ways to stay free of frozen pipes

I got this off from a leaflet from Yorkshire water and I think this is a good way of letting people know how to avoid frozen or bust pipes. I find this information very useful so I am relaying this on my blog, but if you require more information about this, you can visit the Yorkshire water website.

5 simple ways to fight the frost

Before the cold snap:
1. Wrap up warm- make your pipe work, cisterns, tanks and water meters in unheated areas feel the benefit by wrapping them in a waterproof foam lagging or insulation.
2. Get to know your stop top – if you do suffer from bust pip, you need to know where to turn your water off. Your stop tap is usually located under the kitchen sink. Keep a plumber’s number handy too.

During a cold snap:

3. Keep your home heated- set your central heating to at least a constant low temperature, particularly overnight or when your out.

After a cold snap:

4. Frozen up? If you think your pipes are frozen, try defrosting them gently with a hairdryer or fan heater and never use a naked flame.
5. No water? If your neighbours are fine it could be a problem with your private pipes. You may check your water supplier website for some advice and check you can make.

Friday, 23 December 2011

A week after Sendong and help for Sendong victims

After the flush flood on December 17, 2011 around midnight, the typhoon Sendong has left many people homeless and worst is that many people died with that incident and there are still a lot missing. So what has happened after a week? Today it has been on the news that 1,054 people were reported missing and were from hardest hit areas of Cagayan de Oro City (626) and Iligan City (406). Estimated fatalities of 1,080, 445 have yet to be identified in Cagayan de Oro City and 312 in Iligan City. There is still no water in most areas of Cagayan de Oro which makes it harder for people to move on and clean their houses and streets. However, there is somehow some good news, as some Filipino’s nationwide and overseas has been helping those who were affected. Note that they are still accepting any sort of donations; so if you want to share something, you can give any old clothing’s, food, money, bottled water, blanket and whatever you can think of that those people needed. As of where to drop by your donations, the best thing to do is to go to the nearest evacuation center or command center in your area if you are in Cagayan de Oro or Iligan, but if you are abroad, there are Filipino communities helping and gathering whatever they can to send back to the Sendong Victims, so you might as well inquire to those Filipino communities near your area. I think there are also some online thing where you can send cash donations, one of the trusted one I saw is the Xavier University School in Cagayan de Oro, the school has launched a new website intended to help the Sendong Victims at so please check that as well.

I have here some photos of the said Sendong aftermath; these were taken by my cousin from Cagayan de Oro on the 17th of December just after the flood washed off some areas of Cagayan de Oro.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Super Bowl XLV 2011

I love Super Bowl and if you too, you would probably want to look at this graph below. The graph shows everything about the recent Super Bowl event, like the spending, ticket fee comparison, number of people who watch it live at the Cowboy stadium, and many more! Looking at this graph actually brings back good memories of me and my family watching the play on television on the 6th of February 2011. It just amazed me that there is a lot more to find out aside from the score and its all here on this graph below.

How to Stick Party balloons and streamers on wall

Using a masking tape you can hang balloons on walls as well as party streamers. Yes I have done this many times and it has not taken any paint off from my wall, nor has made any sign or dirt from the sticky part of the masking tape. The trick of sticking balloons on wall is to cut about 3 to 4 inches strip of masking tape and roll it to each end, make sure that the outer part is the sticky part, then stick it to the balloon and then to the wall. You can use the same procedure as hanging a streamer, but it may require more strips of masking tape as a streamer is usually heavier than a balloon. The balloons should stick on a wall or ceiling using the masking tape procedure for a day or two, so I would recommend that you start sticking on the day of your party.

On the picture the big balloons are not floating, they are stick on the ceiling using a masking tape.

Graph of the Great Recession: History of the American Recession

Recession is not something that I like; in fact my family has been deeply affected by this recent recession due to the collapse of the housing market which gave me and my husband a negative equity with the house. Anyway, I believe that this will soon be over as looking at this graphic below, this is not the first time America has been to this so called recession! The graphic below is very educational as this contains very important facts about the History of the American recession and I think this would benefit a lot of people, especially those who are researching for school purposes.

Decorations for a white Christmas tree

I have a white Christmas tree this year and I have decorated it with blue and silver Christmas Baubles with blue fairy lights. My Christmas tree is made out of lovely shimmery tinsels and it does flicker as the blue light flashes.

Here is a pictures of my White Tinsel tree with lights off:

Here is a picture of my white Christmas tinsel tree with lights on:

Another Christmas Tree white sapphire decorations

Well, I have chosen these colours (blue and silver) as I think these looks stunning on a white tree but if do not like blue here are some samples on how you can decorate a white Christmas tree.

Multi-coloured decoration on a white Christmas tree

Here is another brilliant picture of a Christmas tree with Gold Baubles:

Sunday, 11 December 2011

ING Direct Savings Great Offers and Its New Widget

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ING Direct for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


ING direct Savings is now more brilliant than ever! Tell you, I have just visited their website and was amazed to see some great offers from their Savings Accounts, like the  3.10% AER* rate which is given to new customers, no required minimum and maximum monthly deposit, and it does not charge you anything for money withdrawals. The thing I like about ING Direct Savings is that they are here to help people; in fact during these hard times, they still encourage everyone to save with their £1 first minimum deposit! Yes, you read it right, £1 first minimum deposit and you can apply online with their easy to fill out forms in 10 minutes.  As a customer, you will also enjoy the benefits of having an award winning UK call centres in which other banks doesn’t.

What is new with ING Direct?

Aside from the fact that this company gives excellent service to their customers, they have a new widget that would give you an idea how much a household in your county has in savings, so you can look up your area and compare it to another region and build a comparison table. There is no need to download, and if you wish to try this widget, just click on the map where you are located, and it will automatically give you the average saving total of your county.  Try it now!

Find out more about ING Direct Savings

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Import VAT: buying and receiving things from abroad

Excise duty and import VAT- these are the things you should look out when purchasing items abroad. I have been charge with this when I bought an item online from U.S.A, unaware that goods with a value of £18 or more would be charge with customs charges, plus the handling charge of the postal service which is around £8. But if you only purchase and item within the EU, imports duties do not usually apply. Most websites would post their regulations about duties and import VAT and is usually showed before you check out, but some online seller would sometime post this on a very tiny font somewhere on their web page, and most buyers would not bother to read it. So, it would be a surprise when the letter that contains charges is received.

Now another thing, when receiving a gift from abroad, you can be charge with import duties too, but that is if the amount is £40 or more. I do not know how they would calculate duties charges but I think they would base it on the amount of the goods sent plus the shipping cost.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

First snow in 2011

This Photo was taken on the 5th of December 2011 at West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The first snow of 2011 wherein Scotland was worst affected and snow has also caused disruption in some parts of Northern Ireland and the north of England.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Discount codes from Hubstop Online Department Store

I first heard about this from my sister, she stumbled on this website through an internet search engine and found some discount codes from various online shops. She had a go with one code, I think that was from Boots and got a £5 off for a perfume she purchased online. Well, a fiver is something when you think about it, to be honest that £5 could cover towards the postage of the product you ordered online, which is not bad, considering that you will have to pay for the postage when you buy online anyway!

Now, looking at this website, I found out that Boots shop is just one of the shops that give discount codes through Hubstop and there are some more like Comet who gives out 10% to 15% off on selected items, Gorgeous shop, A-J electronics, Zavvi , and halfpriceperfumes. Basically, this website is more like an online shopping mall, wherein you can see different shops in one place and the discount code is just a bonus! I would say this is a very handy place to go shopping online, the shops are well categorized from mobiles, electronics, men’s and women’s fashion, accessories to travel, and most of all, the shops posted on this online department store are all renowned UK shops. So, if you wish to find more information about Hubstop and its discount codes, feel free to visit the website