Friday, 30 December 2011

Ways to stay free of frozen pipes

I got this off from a leaflet from Yorkshire water and I think this is a good way of letting people know how to avoid frozen or bust pipes. I find this information very useful so I am relaying this on my blog, but if you require more information about this, you can visit the Yorkshire water website.

5 simple ways to fight the frost

Before the cold snap:
1. Wrap up warm- make your pipe work, cisterns, tanks and water meters in unheated areas feel the benefit by wrapping them in a waterproof foam lagging or insulation.
2. Get to know your stop top – if you do suffer from bust pip, you need to know where to turn your water off. Your stop tap is usually located under the kitchen sink. Keep a plumber’s number handy too.

During a cold snap:

3. Keep your home heated- set your central heating to at least a constant low temperature, particularly overnight or when your out.

After a cold snap:

4. Frozen up? If you think your pipes are frozen, try defrosting them gently with a hairdryer or fan heater and never use a naked flame.
5. No water? If your neighbours are fine it could be a problem with your private pipes. You may check your water supplier website for some advice and check you can make.

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Althea Tumlin said...

“…try defrosting them gently with a hairdryer or fan heater and never use a naked flame.” – That’s exactly what I’m doing whenever the kitchen pipes are frozen. It may take time to thaw the ice, but with enough heat pressure, it will definitely to the trick, without damaging the pipes.