Thursday, 31 May 2012

7 Identified Threats On Internet From CDW

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With the fast and easy access of internet, more and more people and business rely on its use, but along with this fast and easy access also comes with a big risk, which may involve security and privacy being breach. To a person this could be an upsetting experience, but for a company this could mean disaster!  So this means an extra careful when it comes to sharing something over the internet. Now there are some advises you can look up on the government websites on how to protect yourself from the common personal threats like the identity thief scams, but for a company or a business I reckon that data loss prevention is the key to stay safe and secure online as this would detect possible threats to security and privacy.

Now what are these online threats? Based on what I found out on CDW, the leading provider of technology products and services for business, government and education, there are 7 Identified Threats and these are:

1.    Malware – is software that can damage computers and computer systems. This can be a form of computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, or an adware that can track down passwords or data’s on your computer.

2.    Attacks on Web Browsers/ Hostile E-Mail Attachments- Attacks on web browsers are commonly pop-ups which will then take you to another link that contains trackers. Hostile E-Mail attachments are sometimes an attached web link or a document, both contains tracker or a virus that can harm your computer. 

3.    SQL Injection Attack – These are common technique that would attack a database through a website and get information’s like credit cards or passwords and automatically sent to the 3rd party.

4.    Configuration Management / PC Lockdown – Usually cause by employees through sharing data’s through an unsecured computer.

5.    Passwords – weak passwords or a password that has been noted and left on for everyone to see.

6.    Wireless Security – This is common in laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices. This is handy but risky as it is found out that wireless networks are relatively easy to break into.

7.    Loss of Mobile Devices – common problem on lost modern mobile phones, especially Smartphone’s as it holds loads of company information, like names, phone numbers, addresses, meetings, diary, and even passwords. This means an easy access to the company’s data for anyone holding it!

Attached is data loss prevention video from CDW

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