Monday, 7 May 2012

Asus 1015PX EEE PC Bristles Problem on Screen

I bought my daughter an Asus 1015PX EEE PC last Christmas, the netbook was doing fine when it comes to performance over the past 4 months, but there is just an annoying 2 bristles inside the netbook screen. As far as I can remember, the bristles were not there when it was bought, not really noticed it until lately when I wipe it with a cotton cloth. At first, there was one small bristle and having though it was from outside I wipe it harder trying to take it off the screen, then another one fell down!

The netbook is sealed and still has a manufacturer’s warranty, so I first went to Comet shop, where I got it and they refuse to accept it as they say there would be charges if they are to send it to ASUS for a repair! They did advise me to call ASUS costumer service, which believe me, is not the most helpful and friendly costumer service I have spoken to! I told him about the bristles in the netbook and the costumer service man told me that I have to book to have it pick up for a check up, then they will decide if it is manufacturers fault and have it repair for free. But if their technician findings that it is not, then I have to pay for it! The charges would then cover for parts (if anything is damage inside), labor and logistic. Logistics by the way would cost around £57.57 for UK and Ireland, and you cannot book your own courier! Having read some forums about ASUS customer service and repair and how awful their experiences are, I am not going to have it fix by them, even if it still got a warranty! Would never again buy any ASUS product!

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