Saturday, 28 July 2012

Must have and must know when traveling to Spain

Whether you are going on a holiday, on a business, or simply meeting families to Spain, everyone has their very own idea of what to do and what to bring. However, these things I have listed below are the things you should not miss on your check-list.

• Passports and Visas
• Credit cards
• ID’s
• Medications
• Airline tickets, train tickets, or boat tickets
• Hotel documentation
• Cameras & mobile phones
• Foreign currency or Travelers cheques
• Contact number of your health insurance
• Luggage’s – Which includes gears and weather appropriate clothing.
• Travel itinerary
• Spanish translation book (if you do not speak Spanish)
• And check out the weather forecast.

Now as you have noticed I had included the weather forecast, it is due to the reason that you can actually minimize your luggage if you know what the weather would be, by packing only what is needed! And the best way to get the proper forecast of Spain’s weather is to check this spanish weather website. I would highly recommend this websites mainly because my sister lives in Barcelona and when I asked her about this website, she said it is quite accurate! The thing I like about this is that unlike the some other weather websites, this is made specifically for Spain! You can check all the popular tourist destinations with some interesting weather information about the area, the current weather conditions of Spain’s cities and towns, up to 14 days ahead of time. Very useful indeed!

Since it is summertime, I have here some tips on what to bring on hot summer days in Spain:

• Light cotton- shirt, T-shirts or dresses
• Shorts and Jeans
• Cotton underwear
• Open toed shoes
• Sandals and flip-flops
• Towel and face towels
• And swimwear’s to enjoy the lovely pools and beaches of Spain.

Have fun!

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