Sunday, 5 August 2012

The importance of survey software in business market research

You might as well have noticed that you always get a research survey from almost anywhere now a days, from dining in a restaurant/fast-food chains, after staying in a hotel, to buying things online, on high streets and even on groceries you do get a market research survey!

Now, how do you get these surveys?
When purchasing online, you usually get an online survey after a few days of receiving your products, this will then be sent on your email with a link attached. However when buying on a high street shop, you will be invited to take the survey by store personnel and details are usually on the receipt of the items bought which of course includes the website wherein you will take the survey, same as staying on a hotel or dining on food chain or restaurants.

Why do businesses use market research survey?
Businesses uses market research for a very good reason, that is to gather feedbacks from costumers like you and me, and help businesses understand what they are good with and what needs improvements. From there these companies can decide what would best enhance their products and services! Now to gather these said feedbacks, a company/business uses a tool called survey software, based on what I know, this can be either used directly online or installed on a computer (depending on online survey provider). Once a survey is created, an email with a link will then be sent out to costumers. When a costumer responds to it by taking the survey, the collected data is immediately recorded and analyzed on the software; this will then be on a form of chart or graph, and can be then used as statistical analysis! I honestly think that this software is very handy to have or use in any businesses, as I used to work in a corporate company before and not only that this software is use for gathering consumer feedbacks but we do use this kind of software for internal use such as employees suggestions and feedbacks on company's policies, progress, and initiatives. Whichever you look at it, this is a very useful tool for businesses, so why not give it a go?

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