Friday, 24 August 2012

Using a mobile phone to get internet access on a laptop or tablet

You don’t actually need an internet dongle to get an internet connection on your laptop when you are away from home, and you do not need to go looking for a wifi hotspot when you can use your mobile phone to share the Internet connection to a tablet or a laptop. This is actually what they call tethering!

Now, I am currently using a Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, but I believe that this tethering feature will work on any android phones 2.2 or above! You can either use your mobile phone usb cable to get an instant access or wirelessly by making your mobile phone as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

So, where can you find this feature?
You can find this on your mobile phone settings
• When you are already on the settings, tap the wireless & network
• Go to the mobile networks, tap and enable data access via mobile network (this would allow you to use internet on your mobile phone)
• Go back and tap tethering & portable hotspot

Using a USB:
• Connect the USB on your phone to your laptop
• Tap USB tethering (it will then automatically install all the settings on your laptop)
• Open a browser and start surfing the net!

Using as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot (without cables)
• Tap the port Wi-Fi hotspot setting
• Configure your Wi-Fi Hotspot ( keep the security setting as WPA2 PSK since it is the most secure connection then make a password and save)
• Tap portable Wi-Fi hotspot
• On your laptop or tablet, on the right lower corner look for the settings and click on it
• Look for the wireless network connection and find your mobile phone wireless hotspot
• Click on it and type on your password and then connect.

When the status says you are connected, you can now use the internet on your laptop or tablet.
Good luck!

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