Saturday, 16 February 2013

Special Offer Domains for 2013

What I am about to tell you is where you can get domains from renowned domain store at a bargain price! Yes, registrars like Go Daddy, Netfirms, Yahoo, and many more are on one website giving discount codes to anyone who wishes to register, renew, or even transfer their website domain for whatever reason there is! Anyway, this website is called the best Domain Source Codes online!

From the name itself it tells about promo codes, which means by just going into their website you can see loads of special offers in terms of codes which you can then copy and encode onto the store/registrars website to get a discount. The best thing about this is you can get up to 90% savings on domains. Yes this is no joke! In fact, as of today the 16th of February 2013, on Domains Promo Code website, Yahoo offers .com domains for only $1.99 for the first year promo code: YDMCALL. This promo expires on the 30th of June 2013 and of course conditions from the company applies and you may also read it on the website.
Here are some more promo codes:
Go Daddy- $8.49 for .com domain renewals – Promo code: cjc795dom
Go Daddy- $7.99 for .com domains – Promo code: cjc799chp
Go Daddy- $3.99 for .COMs with FREE private registration – Promo code: cjc399f
Go Daddy- 35%* OFF NEW ORDERS! Promo code: cjcwd35f        
Netfirms- $6.95$ for .Com .Net and .Org domains - Promo code: FACEBOOKPROMO

Remember that these are all promos and some might have an expiry date!  So, I would strongly advise that you double check the codes at their website, just to be sure. Oh, just to let you know, they also do hosting companies deals!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Black Stainless Steel Fryer

I got this over a year ago on a free voucher I got from eBay, this is a Morphy Richards black professional stainless steel fryer. The fryer looks stylish and durable, it has 2.6 liter capacity cooking oil and you can cook up to 700g of food at once! It features a removable control panel, lid (must be off when cooking) and tank which can easily be washed. It also features a variable thermostat which ranges from 160 to 190 degrees, and the fryer can easily be adjusted to the correct temperature via the control panel. It is a knob where you can just twist to get the desired temperature.

The fryer is over all is great, it came with a basket with a detachable handle, non-slip feet and a cooking/instruction manual. It also has some pictures of food on the setting of fryer itself, although I think it is much better to follow the food packaging instructions. For frying chips/French fries it is best to set it at 120-130c. I have also written a blog about it, you can see it on my archive tittle Cooking Chips on deep fryer dated February 1, 2013.  

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Rosetta Translation and Interpreting Services

When it comes to professional translation service, there is one name that stands out amongst the rest, and that is Rosetta translation agency. Renowned for its high standards, efficiency and value for money, this London based translation company has been the top choice of major companies across the UK when it comes to document translation, transcription, subtitling and many more. They got branches from different areas of the world too, located in Shanghai, New York, Paris and Luxembourg. A friend of mine even told me that they are the cheapest in Europe!

Rosetta translation agency also offers interpreting service which I think is very useful for international business meetings, court appeals or media translation purposes which are offered by Rosetta’s to worldwide clients. They can do this in many ways, like through simultaneous interpreting, whispered simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, liaison interpreting, and the most common one which is through telephone interpreting. These of course are offered on competitive rates! Now I am not really sure the exact prices for these but like I said a friend of mine told me that they are the cheapest in Europe. I think if you are going to visit Rosetta Translations website you can get a free quote there by just filling out the details or email, or by phone using the given contact numbers. Sending an email is actually alright as my friend did this and got a quick reply. Hope this helps!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Cooking Chips on deep fryer

I know that you already know how to rinse and cut the potatoes, so once you got this ready and your fryer ready too. Here is the procedure:

1. Prepare your fryer, take off the lid and fill it up with oil according to the manufacturers’ standard.
2. Start it up on 120c, wait until the oil is ready hot (refer to your fryers manual)
3. Once the oil is ready, put your sliced potatoes on the fryer basket and dip it in the oil.
4. Check if the potatoes are cooked through but not brown, you will notice that some potatoes are floating on the oil, not soaked on the bottom. This means it is cooked but still soft.
5. Lift the fryer basket, turn the fryer off and Leave it to cool down.
6. Once it has cool down, reheat the fryer to 130c and wait until it is ready hot.
7. Dip the fryer basket back and cook the chips until slightly brown.
8. Lift the basket, drain the excess oil and tip the basket with chips into a dish and serve!

If you do not have a deep fryer, you can also use a cooking pan, heat the oil and cook the chips on a medium setting. Leave to cool and cook it again until it turns slightly brown. But always remember, when cooking your chips, whether using a fryer or a cooking pan, never leave it unattended!