Sunday, 3 February 2013

Black Stainless Steel Fryer

I got this over a year ago on a free voucher I got from eBay, this is a Morphy Richards black professional stainless steel fryer. The fryer looks stylish and durable, it has 2.6 liter capacity cooking oil and you can cook up to 700g of food at once! It features a removable control panel, lid (must be off when cooking) and tank which can easily be washed. It also features a variable thermostat which ranges from 160 to 190 degrees, and the fryer can easily be adjusted to the correct temperature via the control panel. It is a knob where you can just twist to get the desired temperature.

The fryer is over all is great, it came with a basket with a detachable handle, non-slip feet and a cooking/instruction manual. It also has some pictures of food on the setting of fryer itself, although I think it is much better to follow the food packaging instructions. For frying chips/French fries it is best to set it at 120-130c. I have also written a blog about it, you can see it on my archive tittle Cooking Chips on deep fryer dated February 1, 2013.  

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