Friday, 1 February 2013

Cooking Chips on deep fryer

I know that you already know how to rinse and cut the potatoes, so once you got this ready and your fryer ready too. Here is the procedure:

1. Prepare your fryer, take off the lid and fill it up with oil according to the manufacturers’ standard.
2. Start it up on 120c, wait until the oil is ready hot (refer to your fryers manual)
3. Once the oil is ready, put your sliced potatoes on the fryer basket and dip it in the oil.
4. Check if the potatoes are cooked through but not brown, you will notice that some potatoes are floating on the oil, not soaked on the bottom. This means it is cooked but still soft.
5. Lift the fryer basket, turn the fryer off and Leave it to cool down.
6. Once it has cool down, reheat the fryer to 130c and wait until it is ready hot.
7. Dip the fryer basket back and cook the chips until slightly brown.
8. Lift the basket, drain the excess oil and tip the basket with chips into a dish and serve!

If you do not have a deep fryer, you can also use a cooking pan, heat the oil and cook the chips on a medium setting. Leave to cool and cook it again until it turns slightly brown. But always remember, when cooking your chips, whether using a fryer or a cooking pan, never leave it unattended!

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