Thursday, 28 March 2013

Leaking Bath DIY Plumbing

My husband and I recently had a problem with leaking water from our bath and manage to fix it using DIY technique! But first, I would like to inform you that my husband had an experience with plumbing before so this problem it not really new to him! I know that leaking water from a bath is a frustrating problem, so on this blog post I would like to tell you some ways to stop a leaking bath. 

Things to do: 

The first thing I would advise you to do is to do a proper visual with your bathtub, that means you have to look for cracks on the bath, check the tiles and silicon the seals on the bathtub. The next thing you have to look through is the drain; you can do this by taking the drain off using a metal knob tool. Once the metal drain is off, inspect for damages! If there is no damage on the drain, check if the plumbers putty (the sealant on the drain) is still on. If not, place new plumbers putty around the drain and place it back in the bath and make sure that it is tight.

Checking time:

After checking the pipes and sealing the drain, cover the drain or hit the stopper and fill the tub with water. Then check for water leaks! Now if you won’t see any leaks, that means you have solved the leak problem!

If it is still leaking:

If you can still see water leaking from the bath, and still want to fix it using DIY, you can open the side of the bath using an appropriate tool (like a screwdriver) to unscrew the side panel of the bath off. Then check the plastic pipes underneath. In our case, the plastic tube underneath the drain has started to deteriorate and needed a replacement. If you got the same problem, all you have to do is buy a replacement tube from any DIY shop and replace the old one underneath the bath. What I have noticed is that most of the plastic pipes are threaded so it is easy to connect from one pipe to another. After that, check again for water leaks!
If water is still leaking from the bath, you may trace up the pipes by opening the floor board and check for holes or broken pipes.
If the problem is with crack tiles, the best thing to do is to re-tile it, otherwise you can seal it with a sealant.

Good Luck!

This blog post is sponsored by Roto-Rooter, however all the points and views are my own.

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