Monday, 11 March 2013

The New Domains Promo Codes Design

Have you ever seen the new Domain Promo Codes design? Well, if you have, not I would like to inform you that the website that gives top discount promo codes of domain registrations, renewals, and hosting’s has got a new look!

It is quite lively and eye-catching in my own opinion, and I just love the idea of the fish with big eyes! The old design is alright, plain, simple and that’s it! But this new one is a lot better, it may sound silly to you but I think the character fish tell a lot! Like, it’s telling you that you can catch a really good deal here if you would just take a look! To be honest, this website is very useful; In fact, I had refer this to some of my friends in the past and would still recommend it now! Some really good deals you will find there, and recently, here are some of the best I have seen recently:

Up to 56% off on Godaddy Domain and Hosting Promo Codeswhich offers up to 56% off on domain renewals, up to 20% on new domain registrations and private registration for $3.99 per year. Just copy this code:  GDA776.

On Promo Codes, you can get $6.99 on .CO domain registrations. Just copy this code: SXSWCO. Lastly, you have to hurry, as some of these are on limited time offers.

Good Luck!

Here is the new Domains Promo Codes Design:

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