Wednesday, 7 August 2013

NZ Home loans, recruitment agency and video production

On this blog post there are about 3 topics and all from New Zealand! Please be aware that I am compensated for this post, so all the content on this particular blog post is based on instructions given by the sponsor but ideas and opinion are my own.

My first post might be of interest for people living in New Zealand who are planning of getting a mortgage. We all know that due to the global economic and collapse of the property/housing market, it is now difficult to get a mortgage, but never lose hope as there are still some companies out there that does offer a good chance for people to get a mortgages like this viventium home loan, have actually read their website and their offers really look promising! Cannot tell you a lot about it but they do offer refinance, investments property, first time home buyer and many more and you are welcome to check it out yourself. 

The second post does not have nothing  to do with the above post, but still in NZ! This one is for people looking for jobs in NZ as well as Employers recruiting for jobs in New Zealand. These are called recruitment agencies and actually the new trend now! AS far as I know, this is now the easiest way for employer and applicants to meet, all you have to do is register to some recruitment Agencies online and you will get emails of jobs that match your job description, as well as your resume will be viewable to employers. 

My 3rd post is about video production company in NZ! Now there are many similar video production companies in your area as well as around the globe but this one I am posting with the given link is located in NZ. Anyway, you might want to take a look at Video Production Auckland rates and services as it is really competitive! 

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